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by Michael C. Lount, B.A.Sc., AACI

Like They Did In 2016 – Reviews and Appeals are Necessary
Press release. January 2017 –
by Michael C. Lount, B.A.Sc., AACI

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BC ASSESSMENTS 2017, VANCOUVER, BC — Property owners can expect to receive their 2017 assessment notices in early January 2017, which are supposed to reflect market value as of July 1, 2017. This may not always be the case and assessment reviews of commercial and Industrial properties should be considered.

Residential Assessment information update for 2021 will be available in early January 2017.

The information below refers to 2017 tax assessment data in two charts. Click on the links below to go directly to that chart.
1. Average Increases of 2017 Assessments Chart
2. Comparison of 2016 Versus 2017 Assessed Value of Residential Properties

"Commercial and industrial properties in close proximity to Vancouver will typically see increases in the 15-40 per cent range," says Jason Grant, of the BC Assessment Authority. Click here or see examples below. He also says "Commercial properties being purchased for eventual redevelopment will often exceed these ranges."

Huge % increases in 2017 Assessments hit hard at the commercial sector.

Very significant increases  have occurred in the commercial assessments in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver island  in major urban areas.

Here are some examples of the average increases from last year.

Average Increases of 2017 Assessments Chart

M.C. Lount & Associates Ltd. is a leading provider of property assessment reviews and appeals, particularly in the commercial, Industrial and investment sectors, with many successes. Commercial, industrial or investment property owners are welcome to reach us at 604-727-7902 for a free consultation, and possible free review of their assessment, particularly in consideration of the general massive increases this year.

In regards to residential assessments, Jason Grant states that "The majority of residential home owners within the region can expect a significant increase compared to last year's assessment," and "Increases of 30-50 per cent will be typical for single-family homes in Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Tri-Cities, New Westminster and Squamish. Typical strata residential increases throughout these areas will be in the 15 to 30 per cent range."
Please check out your assessment at e-value section on our web, a free online government service that allows you to look up and compare 2017 property assessments in your city and neighbourhood.

M.C. Lount & Associates Ltd website at includes more details about 2017 assessments, property information.

The summary below provides estimates of typical 2016 versus 2017 assessed values of residential homes and residential strata properties throughout the region. These samples are actual individual assessment examples and are not an average. (Source: British Columbia Assessment Authority)

Comparison of 2016 Versus 2017 Assessed Value of Residential Properties



 (Year Built)


Assessment Roll

(market value as

of July 1, 2015)


Assessment Roll

(market value as

of July 1, 2016)


City of Vancouver


West Side Single-Family-33' Lot, 1964



East Side Single-Family-33' Lot, 1983



West Side Strata Low-rise, 2002



East Side Strata High-rise, 2003



City of North Vancouver



Boulevard Single-Family, 1908



Hamilton Single-Family, 1950s



Lower Lonsdale Strata Townhouse, 1995



Central Lonsdale Strata High-rise, 2001



District of North Vancouver



Blueridge Single-Family, 1961



Lynn Valley Single-Family, 1971



Upper Lonsdale Strata Low-rise, 1990



Lynn Valley Strata Townhouse, 1979



District of West Vancouver



Ambleside Single-Family, 2001



Waterfront Single-Family, 1967



Altamont Strata Townhouse, 2001



Dundarave Strata Low-rise, 1999



District of Squamish



Garibaldi Highlands Single-Family, 1964



Downtown Single-Family, 1950



Garibaldi Estates Strata Townhouse, 2002



Garibaldi Estates Strata Low-rise, 1992



Resort Municipality of Whistler



Creekside Single-Family, 1979



Alpine Meadow Single-Family, 1984



Village Strata Townhouse, 1997



Blackcomb Benchlands Strata Townhouse, 1995



City of Burnaby



Capitol Hill Single-Family, 1946



Buckingham Single-Family, 1971



Metrotown Strata High-rise, 1999



Sullivan Heights Strata Townhouse, 1972



City of Coquitlam



Central Coquitlam Single-Family, 1980's



Westwood Plateau Single-Family, 1992



Town Centre Strata High-rise, 2009



Maillardville StrataTownhouse, 1989



City of Port Coquitlam



Citadel Heights Single-Family, 1990's



Lincoln Park Single-Family, 1970's



Downtown, Strata Low-rise, 1995



Citadel Strata Townhouse, 1994



City of Port Moody



Hertiage Woods Single-Family, 1997



North Shore Single-Family, 1970s



Newport Strata High-rise, 2005



Newport Strata Low-rise, 1996



City of New Westminster



Queen's Park Single-Family, 1910s



Sapperton Single Family, 1960s



Sapperton Strata High-rise ,1992



Downtown Strata Townhouse, 1993


$587,000 also provides a link to a free online government e-value service that allows you to look up and compare property assessments in your city and Neighbourhood.

Compare your commercial or residential property assessment with that of other properties by address or by sold properties here 


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Ross v. Assessor of Area #10
Vancouver v. Bramalea
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Wal-Mart Canada Inc. v. Assessor of Area #26

by Michael C. Lount, B.A.Sc., AACI

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